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Below are the screenshots of some of my work on iOS and Android. Please reach out if you wish to see some code.

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My name is Feef (really)

I’m an American mobile developer, musician, volunteer, and digital nomad. I bring mobile app ideas to life by working closely with product visionaries, designers, and fellow developers.
I’m currently seeking out contract or part-time opportunities that would allow me to work remotely and, ideally, integrate one or more of my passions for travel, music, or volunteering.
If you work to reduce greenhouse emissions, protect human rights, or otherwise improve the wellbeing of all living things, I’d love to work with you!
Always up to take on a new challenge, so please reach out if you think we’d be a good fit.

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“Feef is not only an amazing Engineer but an amazing person and an exemplary employee.  Solid tech chops…”

Lawrence Leach
dev manager, Victorious
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“Feef is a solid software engineer specialized in iOS development. Besides his excellent engineering skill set, few highlights of him…”

Sky Lan
iOS Developer, Victorious
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“Feef is one of the most reliable and caring persons I ever had the pleasure to meet in my life. He never hesitated…”

Sebastian Nystorm
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Please send your work inquiry to


Include any relevant time constraints and a very detailed description of the app you’re building